Friday, August 15, 2008

Coffee: Ya Kun, San Francisco, McCafe, & Nescafe

There are many types of coffee available in Singapore. We have the
  • traditional kopitiam (not the food court) type of kopi, e.g. Ya Kun,
  • western style barista coffee, e.g. San Francisco,
  • fast food with barista type of coffee, e.g. McCafe, and
  • of course the instant coffee, e.g. Nescafe
I drink all of them during different times of the day.

Ya Kun kopi (kopi = hokkien for coffee) is the best 1st coffee of the day, as it is thick and filled with sugar / milk that gives you a sufficiently good kick to start the day. If you can have toast along with it, the feeling is wonderful. We had a few demonstrations of bread toasting with Ya Kun kopi when we hosted an international event.

San Francisco type of coffee is to be had, when you have the time to savour the complex and rich flavour of well prepared coffee. For this category of coffee, I think San Francisco is among the best. I used to buy San Francisco coffee as my 'first cup of the day', but realised that it is a waste to gulp down such coffee so fast in the morning.

Fast Food style coffee is ideal for a group of people setting, since others could order non-caffeine drinks (e.g. orange juice) or a different version of the caffeine 'poison' (e.g. coke) if they so desire. McCafe coffee is actually quite value for money.

The last but not least is the instant coffee, and we have the Nescafe! Nescafe, mixed with those 'expresso' from office coffee machines, would give a sufficiently rich and complex flavour that is quite acceptable. Otherwise having just Nescafe is not as great. Of course, we could add condensed milk and it would taste....alright. Lolz, there are different grades of Nescafe coffee, and some are pretty acceptable. Heh, all coffees are great, since they have anti-oxidants! We should all drink more coffee!

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