Monday, March 17, 2008

Coffee Barista Course @ Highlander - Part 2

Heh here's part 2 of the barista training course! Let me describe a bit about the training course details. We were given a training manual and on day 2, asked to sit for a simple 18 questions test. The test basically reinforces the idea about how we should grind the beans, i.e. how fine or coarse should the grind be. This depends largely on the trial and error when we look at how the thick thick coffee flows from the machine. Here's how the machine looks like. The grinder is the standalone device next to the metal expresso machine.

Oh, and I learnt that brewed coffee has more caffeine compared to those from the expresso shots machine cos' of the contact time of water with the coffee powder. The powder that we put into the portafilter will only have limited crucial amount of time with the high pressure water to extract the nice part of the coffee from the coffee powder. Here's how the portafilter looks like:

We also learnt about the varieties of coffee, and the characteristics of the coffee from the different countries. We did some cupping on day 2, and I think I still like coffee from Brazil and Sumatra best. Guess next time when I step into a cafe, I'll better aprpeciate the different blends of coffee. I got a cert from the course! So now I can apply to work for those coffee houses... heh heh heh.

Above are the small bowls filled with hot water, and allowed to 'stew' for a while before we do the cupping.

For those who are not going to the course, no worries, you could learn quite a fair bit from watching the Channel U clip below. Heh the trainer in the clip is Cedric, and the other trainer for the course (not shown in the clip) is Phil. Unlike in the clip, we didn't get to 'roast' coffee though, cos' I suppose the time is a bit too short to try that.

They also offer other simpler courses on how to appreciate coffee, qutie useful if you are looking to organise some corporate employee half day courses of about $20-40 per pax budget.

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