Sunday, March 16, 2008

Coffee Barista Course @ Highlander - Part 1

Some weeks back I was talking about the different coffee latte arts and asking around for a course. I found it! Lolz. I found the coffee barista course, and signed up for it. I spent two days (actually it's one afternoon and 1 morning) at the Highlander Cafe learning about the different skills of being a barista.

Hmm the trainers are quite good, and since the class of 6 is small, we have plenty of practices. The course cots $298, and includes some details of the cost of operating a cafe. Will be interesting for those who inspire to own cafes. First day we learnt about how to steam the milk, and make expresso / cuppacino / latte. The second day we spent some time practising, and did some cupping.

A classmate made this and in the next picture, he was trying to 'etch' a design on the coffee. The milk was steamed by me, and apparently the bubbles were a bit too big, thus the etchings were not as great.

This is the latte 'art' from me:

My classmate is more interested in making the latte art (I'm interested in the drinking part), and he accidentally created this 'Squidward' lookalike from the SpongeBob cartoon. Really looks like Squidward??

Cos' this post is getting a bit long, I'll break it into two parts. Part 2 coming shortly.

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