Sunday, January 13, 2008

Cup of coffee and arts

Heh, recently I had coffee at more places and realised that the coffee barista would create nice patterns on the foam of the coffee. This is not something new, but just didn't expect to be served such a cup of nice 'arty' coffee when ordering coffee here.

Had my first 'arty' coffee at Sunctec's Crosstalk Cafe. Not bad, since I didn't expect to have such 'arty' cafe served at this busy cafe outlet.

Then I tried the coffee at the new Suntec Gloria Jeans, and the barista also created a nice 'arty' pattern on the latte foam. Seems like Gloria Jeans did some competition for such 'coffee arts' some time back.

The two patterns look similar hor? lolz... I saw others with a 'leaf' or 'heart' shaped patterns. Wonder where could I learn such means of making 'coffee art'? I heard sometime back some folks were trying to open a coffee school locally, but couldn't find the news article. Found this Youtube clip instead:

Heh... speaking of coffee... I just bought coffee from the traditional grinders. Of course, I haven't found the best way of making the coffee... still learning, but it does taste better than the instant mix type...

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