Thursday, January 24, 2008

Red Wine and Bak Gwa

Heh it's the time of the year when bak gwa (bbq pork slices) is the favourite food of the mth! Chinese New Year must have bak gwa else it is sort of incomplete. Today I bought 500g of it from Bee Cheng Hiang and guess wat? It's almost gone by the end of the day! Here's the pic of the bak gwa. It's just sliced pork and not the bacon version.

Lolz... cos we opened another bottle of wine and the bak gwa became the natural tidbits to go along with it. This bottle from France is quite good... lolz. Seems to be from some St Joseph region. Here's a pic of it, and since I don't speak French I don't exactly know what the label says. There is some award thing for the wine too. Wonder if anyone ever try the concept of wine pairing with traditional asian food, should be interesting!

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