Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Free modem... and over-supply of it!

Had just re-contracted my broadband cos the plan looks attractive, i.e. half price for 1 year while the full price is still cheaper than what I'm paying now. One of the freebies is a modem. I was asking the counter staff at the shop if I can change it for other things and he said no. Somemore I gotta sign up for the re-contract online, and surrender a lot of other personal info... hmmm.

I thought to sell off the modem after I got it. BUT.... guess lotsa of other people faces the same issue, and a simple search on shows at least 12 other persons selling exactly the same thing! Ebay Singapore shows 4 sellers and there are other websites like with sellers of the modem too. Haiz... Dun understand why is it that the ISPs can't change the freebies for other stuff... even a simple grocery voucher of $30 is fine for me...zzz. Now there are too many sellers... with folks offering it as low as $15. Majority trying to sell it at $30-$50 range. Irritating...

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