Sunday, February 03, 2008

Chinese New Year Spring Cleaning

Supposed to do spring cleaning for my room this weekend but wasn't feeling well... so end up slept a lot. Throw some papers away and wonder if I can throw more stuff away... small room means can't afford to have too many things lying around.

Also took the opportunity to clean up my blog a bit... end up it looks more cluttered. Refreshed some of the links... didn't realise that some friends made their blogs 'for private viewing only'. Others have changed 'address' and so it's time for an update. Sometimes I think the online world has too many similarities with the real world... real world people shift house = online blogs change url adds...

oh well... also added the immem widget that I've seen on Zrystal's so I can listen to my own selection while in office :p heh heh heh...see if I have time to clean up my room further during the next few days.

1 comment:

Sandra said...

Hey...u also have "dating ads" on your site. =P Hmmm...nice song selection on ur blog. And Happy CNY!

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