Friday, February 08, 2008

Chinese New Year Day 2

hee hee this CNY is somewhat different... didn't want to go for the usual hectic visits.. (some limited number of visits only) but instead my family spent a lot of time together lolz... yupz I played a lot less online games this time round...

This CNY was also a 'fall sick' period for me where I lost my voice and had some mild sore-throat. So I didn't get to eat as much goodies as usual... haiz my bak gwa...zzz...

And maybe this is also the first CNY when I felt the effect of being in the 30s... lolz... so I guess got to start changing my games, long hour of works, and lotsa of partying are somehow no longer that appealing...muaa haa haa I didn't even go for Zoukout last Dec... hmm watching the little fish tank of guppies and baby guppies at home seems more interesting somehow...weird... saw the news that cos' this is the year of the rat, a lot of folks bought hamsters...zzz... hope they didn't discard the pets once the novelty fades.

Well this is only day 2... see if I continue to feel the same till day 15th...lolz. Happy CNY!

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