Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Exploding Sparkling Wine

Originally my colleague planned to have a bottle of sparkling wine (with strawberry pulp inside) yesterday, but cos' quie a lot of folks are not free thus the event was pushed to today.

In his haste to chill the wine, he left the bottle in the freezer... yesterday! When the event was pushed back, he didn't remove the bottle. Lolz, and since it is a glass bottle with gaseous liquid... the bottle exploded! According to the cleaning untie, she heard some 'sound' from the fridge this morning... and in the afternoon she has to clean up this mess. Think she was quite angry abt it...

Not sure if it is because the liquid expanded and 'broke' the bottle, or cos' the gas escaped and buildtup a pressure that broke the bottle... bet some physics students out there would have the answer.

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