Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Upgrading - Fengshan Hawker Centre (aka Bedok Blk 85 market)

Fengshan hawker centre, or more colloquially known as the Bedok Blk 85 hawker, will be closed for upgrading from Feb 2012. The upgrading will take about 11 months, which means the hawkers (and good food seekers) will be affected for a long period.

Fengshan hawker centre is the place with a great selection of hawker fare. The famous ones include their bak chor mee. The bak chor mee is sold by two stalls located side by side with each other. Unlike other bak chor mee, the version here has no vegetables or mushrooms, but only the bak chor and pork meat balls. The soup is excellent, and the meat balls are very flavourably seasoned.

Other than the bak chor mee, I personally think that the chicken wings, western food (Pete's Grill) as well as the pork porridge are also great selections at this 'Bedok Blk 85' hawker. The chicken wings are comparable to those at the East Coast Lagoon or the Old Airport Road market. The porridge is done cantonese style, with almost dissolved rice grains. The pork liver is often cooked just nice, i.e. not too hard. Their mixed porridge version (mix of pork, cutlefish and others) is a good choice for those who can't decide what porridge version they want.

For those who don't fancy the chicken wings, porridge or bak chor mee, Fengshan hawker also has nice alternatives that are different from other hawker centres. One example will be the peranakan curry. One can find both peranakan chicken curry as well as the peranakan pork rib curry at this hawker. The portions served as well as the price are very reasonable.

After a heavy meal, food goers can choose from the desserts. I personally like the ah baling in sweet peanut soup, that is delicious and yet cheap. Bowl of 4 ah balings (ah baling is glutinous rice balls with fillings) with a mix of flavours (black sesame, peanuts, red beans) is a good way to end the meal.

Hopefully the same hawkers will stay on after the upgrading of the Fengshan hawker centre, and the good food selection (and prices) remains the same. During the upgrading of the Fengshan hawker centre, the news report mentioned that the hawkers will be re-located to a temporarily market nearby. Of course the temporary market will not accommodate all the hawkers. In the mean time, I think I will patronise the hawker stalls more often.

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