Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chef Han Cuisine - Chicken Rice (Sunset Way)

Sometimes we chanced upon food that we didn't expect to find. One such occasion was when we 'found' Chef Han Cuisine that opened recently at the Sunset Way Blk 105. We were wondering what to have for dinner, and driving around somewhat adventurously before ending up at Sunset Way.  Voila, in front of us was the famous ex-Chatterbox executive sous chef's shop.

Of course we tried their chicken rice, with a plate of vegetables and the chicken gizzard. The chicken rice is fragrant and not oily, which is a plus point for the health conscious folks. The chicken pieces are tender and juicy. Their chilli and the accompanying soup meet the expectation for a typical hainanese chicken meal. The gizzards are fresh and just lightly seasoned, i.e. not too oily or salty.

According to this Soshiok site, it seems that Chef Han wanted his three sons to inherit his culinary skills, and that is why he left Meritus Mandarin to set up his own shop. Chef Han also has his own blog! So I think the chap I saw at the Chef Han Cuisine must be one of his sons.

Personally I liked the fact that their chicken, and the rice, are not too oily. While the fragrance of the rice is appealing, it is slightly too grainy. I would say that for the price charged ($12+ for a meal for two, including drinks) this is a value for money location, especially for those chicken rice lovers.

Chef Han Cuisine has many other chices, including macaroni, roasted chicken and some nonya options. Guess we can drop by Chef Han someday and savour these options in addition to their famous chicken rice.

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