Thursday, May 12, 2011

民众兴化 Restaurant - Ming Zhong Heng Hwa cuisine

Despite the general high cost of living in Singapore, one can still find many places that offer great food at affordable prices. One such place is the Ming Zhong / 民众 restaurant located along Maude Road (Jalan Besar area). 民众 has 兴化 / heng hwa dishes, of which many are greatly popular.

One of the heng hwa dishes is the heng hwa bee hoon, with lotsa ingredients including lala clams, sotong, mushrooms and vegetables.

Of course, for the heng hwa dishes, one must not forget the signature heng hwa lor mee - 兴化 version that uses clear milky soup that is different from the traditional hokkien lor mee. Again, the many lala clams and ingredients (sotong, vegetables etc) give a richness to the soup. Oh, a side note - 民众's lor mee does not have peanuts (I had 兴化 lor mee elsewhere with peanuts) though.

民众 restaurant also offers the deep fried fish slices that is a must-try. The fish slices are accompanied by the chilli sauce that enhances the flavour of the fish slices. I think the fish bone sort of enhances the flavour of this lightly salted dish when the fish slices are deep fried in very hot oil. The slices are not too dried, but give a certain crisp texture when you bite into the meat.

Ming Zhong / 民众 restaurant has been around for quite a while, and typical of such traditional outfit, the dishes have much plainer appearance compared to the new restaurant fares in shopping centres. The plus side is that Ming Zhong / 民众 prices are very reasonable (about $10+ for two, dinner time), as alluded by their name, i.e. 民众 means 'people / popular' in Chinese. So do drop by the place for dinner if you have craving for 兴化 cuisine!

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