Wednesday, May 04, 2011

GE 2011 - PAP & SDA Rallies

After attending yesterday's rally, we decided to be fair and attended some other parties' rallies as well. Thus we went to the SDA rally (next to Buangkok MRT) as well as the PAP rally for Punggol East.

Here's the pictures taken for the SDA rally, when Harminder Pal Singh was giving his speech. There was a light drizzle and the audience was taking shelter at the Buangkok MRT or holding umbrellas.

The drizzle stopped when we went over to the PAP rally for Punggol East. Michael Palmer was giving his speech, and Minister Teo Chee Hean was sitting behind him. The picture was sharper as I was able to find a nearer spot.

I think these few rallies would be the only ones for me. Let's see the results come Saturday.

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