Thursday, April 28, 2011

GE 2011 - Poll Card has arrived

The news stated that voters should receive their poll cards from this Friday, but voila, our poll card arrived today. When I opened the letterbox, I saw the GE poll card for the first time. It is a pretty plain card, with just the voter(s) and polling station details.

This election is an exciting time, and the amount of news and discussions ballooned on both the mainstream and online media space. The GE 2011 Poll Card looks pretty plain, but nonetheless it is an extremely significant document. For virgin voters like me, I think it is tremendously exciting since this will be the first time I get to exercise my basic right as a citizen. I think on the 7th May 2011, my TV will be tuned to the announcement channels and I will definitely stay up late to wait for the GE 2011 results.

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