Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Japanese Cooking Toy - Konapun

This must be one of the coolest cooking toy that I've ever seen. The toy totally simulates how cooking is done, with the cutting of ingredients and preparation of the food. The best part is that the chemical components create exactly how real cooking happens, e.g. the deep frying of french fries with the sizzling of oil.

Well these toys must be expensive given how high tech the ingredients are. A rough search on the Internet indicates that some Konapun sets are priced around S$39. So next time you want to buy a toy set for kids above 8 years old, try one of these!


dhydhoi ramirez said...

do u still know where i can find bandai konapun or cook joy in sg??

dhydhoi ramirez said...

i'm heard bandai konapun is alredy rare.. do u still know wherei can find one in sg? thank u! :)

Little Red Dot Diaries said...


I think you can find some blogshops who sell the toys. I didn't see any at any of the departmental toy stores.


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