Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Free Organiser from The Coffee Connoisseur

Heh reached home today and I saw a mini-package from The Coffee Connoisseur aka TCC. Though I have their card, but I didn't really spend that much on TCC, and so am quite pleasantly surprised to receive 'customer gifts' from them. Last year they gave some postcards... and when I saw the package I thought it's another big stack of postcards!

Then I opened it up and saw this... quite nice hor? But I still don't know what is inside... and so gotta unpack it one more time...

and here's it!

Heh it's not difficult to be their member... just spend an accumulated amount of $88 and filled in the form to be one. I dunno why $88... gotta ask their boss bah... used to visit TCC quite often but didn't really have much chance recently though... heh wonder what wld they give next year... hmm.

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Sandra said...

Wah...nice diary. ur ads show alcohol. Hehehehe

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