Sunday, January 06, 2008

Wines ...

Had another wine session on Friday with abt 6-7 of us finishing a bottle of red. 1 bottle for that many people is not a lot, but I guess it's just for chill out. Before the session, was thinking which bottle to consume for that day... and here's the options:

End up we choose the Wyndham Estate Bin 444, a red Cabernet Sauvignon from Australia. Not bad :) Guess I shld note the wines that are not bad and we could get more of such bottles next time. Just realised that his bottle cost only less than 10 pounds on some websites and about US$8.99 on others... can't recall the retail price locally.

I still have that quarter bottle of sake... and dunno what to do with it actually... use for cooking? Lolz... that day the cleaning lady walked over to me and asked 'Can I have some alcohol?' I was like 'huh?!?!' for a long period of time until she explained that she was cooking some steam fish at the pantry and the vinegar she used is not that great, so she thought to get some alcohol from me...zzz... I got no rice wine for cooking, so gave her a bit of the sake instead... dunno how the fish taste like cos' I didn't dare to ask muaa haa haa.... (do I look like alcohol supplier?)

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