Friday, March 21, 2008

永记 Chicken Rice @ Tekka Market

I would miss the hawker food over at Tekka Market (i.e. hawker centre near Little India MRT).

Lolz, the hawker centre is slated for renovation and I'm not sure how many of the nicer food stall will remain after the renovation. So, decided to note down some stalls... for remembrance sake.

I used to eat chicken rice alot, the roasted version, cos' I used to buy the roasted chicken rice from this stall at teh Tekka Market: 永记. The chicken rice is above average, not totally fantastic, but worth eating. Afterall, where else can you find decently good chicken rice for $2 a plate? His steamed chickend rice is also very good! Guess the trick is in the chili sauce. The rice itself used to be better, cos' there used to be an auntie frying the rice with ginger before cooking them. I think the effort is too much so the practice stopped.

Here's the $2 plate.

I bought the $3 plate too.

I took a pic of the stall (without the owner's permission... oops :p ). The owner is the guy with apron standing on the right of the stall.

Yah, there are many other good food in Tekka Market. When I have the time I wld try to take pics of them. Some stalls like the soup prawn mee, and briyani, would close by the time I wake up... lolz... so a bit tough lah :p


Anne said...

I missed the nasi bryani and 'lor' duck rice in Tekka Market too! It's a pity that they will have to go now... hopefully all the stalls will be back after the big revamp.

Bal said...

I hope the nice stalls would be back too! :)

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