Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hey Hey Hotpot @ Paradiz Centre

Tired of the usual 2/3/4 soups combi buffet steamboat along Beach Road? You could try the Hey Hey Hotpot @ Paradiz Centre. I did a search online and realised that the review is only so-so, but my personal experience at that place has been great! Been there once last year, and brought my family along recently again for lunch at this hotpot. A good point about the restaurant is that it is not too crowded, so it is good place for chit chat over meals.

Originally we wanted to try the sharkbone soup, but they ran out of it (we arrived pretty late for lunch). So we tried the winter melon soup. I could taste the real ingredients used in boiling the soup. The ingredients were later scoped out and placed into bowls. The fact that it is a ceramic pot instead of typical aluminum one is a plus point. Ceramic pot has a more even heat distribution lolz.

Here's a closer look at the ingredients. After scoping out the soup, they would cut the melon into pieces which (if you want to) could be put back into the soup for subsequent boiling.

Since we ordered buffet, we decided to try out the many other available food stuff. The fish pieces were very fresh, prawns so-so, pig liver was fresh, and the seafood is very fresh too. I like the way they prepared their cockles, in the sense that they washed off the mud bits and blood. So each cockle tasted good, with no 'gritty' feeling or the bloodiness as you bit them. Somehow, I ate a lot of the fresh vege that day. Vege cooked in flavourful soup taste a lot better than those msg versions.

They offered dim sum style food, which you could order as you wait for the food to cook. Since the soup is typically consumed at a faster pace, they placed a container of soup by the table. The food serving is also good. I guess after those earlier review that the service is not great, the management has improved the service. When we placed subsequent orders, the food came quite fast.

Overall the price tag is alright, about $99 for 4 pax, or nearly $25 per pax. Considering that they throw in a free pot of chinese tea, and mango sago dessert for all, this price tag is acceptable.

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