Saturday, April 18, 2009

Foodcourt in Sweden, and Pizza pictures

Other than the roast ducks in London, and reindeer steak in Sweden, we had many chances to try other food.

It was quite surprising when we saw a foodcourt in Sweden, and it was really called 'Foodcourt'! I wonder if it is opened by a Singaporean. The foodcourt was located at Kista Galleria, a shopping centre located in the heart of a science park of sort. Thus we could see people from many different nationalities around. Interestingly, we could find 'Little India' food, and Chinese Dim Sum... etc etc being sold here.

During the trip, we tried other food. One of them was an Italian pizza in Stockholm, near the train station. This was what I had for dinner. The portion was big. Eating pizza with thin crust and lotsa of ingredient is definitely satisfying.

Others tried different varieties of the pizza. The pizza could be surprising spicy, and those with more delicate stomach should not take the spicy varities.

Other than food, we took many pictures during the trip. European cities are pretty fascinating, especially their architecture. Nonetheless, let me share something different. We passed by an Irish pub that just opened for business, and they had a band outside the pub to celebrate the opening. In Asia, we may find lion dance, but in Stockholm, we find music band for such purposes.

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