Friday, April 10, 2009

I ate reindeer meat! - Stockholm trip

Have you ever tried reindeer meat? I did! When I was in Stockholm, there were plenty of restaurants around their 'old town', i.e. tourist area, selling reindeer and elk dishes. So I got curious, and ordered one reindeer dish to try. Here's a photo of the dish. Looks good right?

There were two slices of the reindeer meat, on top of their potato gratin, with some cranberry sauce. It tasted a little like tender pork to me, but others who tried said it tasted more like beef / lamb. I think the serving was somewhat raw, and you could see the 'blood' oozing out of the second slice (left of the photo) of reindeer meat. The exterior was fully grilled and gave that char grill taste. Yupz I took these photos using proper digital camera instead of my handphone, and so do click on them to get a larger clearer view.

Overall I think the experience is nice, and the dish is worth a try. Other than the meat, their potato gratin is pretty yummy, with some cheesy taste. I don't think I will order the dish again because it is pretty pricey. That serving of reindeer costs about S$60. Oh well, I'm not sure if eating reindeer meat will have any repercussions with Santa Claus. Maybe I wouldn't get any X'mas present in December. Sob. Here's a menu that described the various dishes, but I tried the reindeer at another restaurant by the name of Glenfiddich.

Other than reindeer, they do serve other 'normal' food. We tried meatballs (made from game meat) and also salmon. Here's the photos to make you drool. I think the meatball tasted like those served by Ikea, but better somehow.

Now their salmon is good! The portion was big, and the fish tasted fresh. Of course the price tag is also more expensive than what you can find in Singapore. Oh well we get what we paid for. Overall it was a nice dinner with good food and Swedish beer to go along.

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