Sunday, April 12, 2009

Book Exchange at the NLB - 25 Apr 09

National Library is launching their first Book Exchange at the main National Library (i.e. the one opposite Bugis Junction, next to Bras Basah) on 25 Apr 09!

Bring your old books from 11 to 24 Apr to any of the libraries and you would be given a coupon, which can be used on the 25 Apr to exchange for other used books. Textbooks, magazines and such are not accepted though. Up to 30 books may be exchange per person. The Book Exchange event will take place at The Plaza, i.e. the first floor. I think there will be a huge crowd, just like the NLB old books sale events.

I do have a number of old books, mostly bought from 2nd hand book sales at Bras Basah, and I guess this is a good chance to get new 'used' books. More details can be found at NLB's news release.

Afternote: The event attracted about 5000plus people, quite a big crowd!

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