Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Live 'food' at supermarkets, and impact on wet markets

I read in the papers that supermarkets are now selling live 'food', including bullfrogs and such. I guess it is about time they venture into live 'food' in a big way. I once saw Sheng Siong's live prawns jumping about in the tank and that convinced me about the freshness of their products.

What I think will happen is that the wet markets will find it harder and harder to compete against such fierce competition from the supermarkets. With all the bad publicity surrounding hawkers and related stalls recently (e.g. rats in the markets), people will want to find cleaner and safer place to shop for their live food.

Looking at the prices of live food between wet markets and supermarkets, I would say that the additional amount charged by the supermarket is worth it.

Yes I know, wet market stall owners offer more personalised service, e.g. he will chop / clean the food according to your preference, and reserve products for you, especially during hot seasons like the festivals periods. At times they will also stock up rare seasonal products for their customers. These are the remaining competitive edge offered by the wet markets.

I do feel sad to see them disappearing actually. I really hope they will clean up the rats problem and up the hygience level of wet markets and food hawkers. Hopefully after this period, the hawkers / NEA / workers will have a better system to keep things clean (and keep their loyal customers).

Afternote: I went to Sheng Siong on 18 Apr to check out the live products, and here's some of the pictures of the lobsters and oysters.

I checked out the live bullfrogs too. Next to the live bullfrogs are the skinned ones. A bit gross, but that is fresh food I guess.

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