Saturday, April 04, 2009

Roast Duck - Four Seasons Restaurant @ Bayswater London

One of the great food attractions in London is the delicious roast duck from the Four Seasons Restaurant @ Bayswater. Here's a photo of the half duck that we ordered. The skin is crispy, meat is flavourful, and of course the oil and fats of the duck pieces carry the aromatic fragrance that is hard to find elsewhere.

Other than the roast duck, we also ordered the roast pork, with crispy skin and tender meat. Actually I think there is more fat than meat, as shown in the latter photo below. It is amazing how the chef managed to find a cut of the pig that is so fatty. I guess the fatty parts allow the spices, sauces and other flavours to be captured in the dish.

We also ordered vegetables and some tofu to go along with these roasted dishes. The vegetables dish was great, especially as a complement to the oily fatty duck and pork. Simple crunchy fresh vegetables to rid the taste of oil is always welcome. The tofu is actually made from minced meats, vegetables and tofu, covered with bean sauce and bittergourd.

We had a short chat with the restaurant stff, and found out that the restaurant is operated by someone from Hong Kong. For those who intend to visit the Four Seasons @ Bayswater, do note that you have to squeeze into the restaurant (becasue there is always a queue outside) and let the waiter note down your name together with the number of diners. After a wait of about 15 mins to 45 mins, depending on the time of the day, they would be able to clear a table for you.

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