Monday, March 30, 2009

Bugis Street in London!

There is a Bugis Street in London! Nope, it is not a street named 'Bugis' but rather a promotion of Singapore's food in London. There is this hotel (operated by our local CDL) Millenium who offers Singapore (and China) cuisine and adverises the whole event as Bugis Street.

I took a look at the menu, and I must say most of the food names look authentic, except for a few like 'Bang Bang Chicken'. Is that Ayam Penyet? Lolz. Nonetheless I would not pay 5-8 pounds just for fried noodles or nasi lemak. There are many different food to try in London and I can give this 'Bugis Street' a miss. Other than these two signboards, you can actually see other promotional posters in the London Tube (i.e. MRT).

Since I only had a short time there, I didn't have time to explore London proper but took short walks instead. There is this shop along Portebello Street selling interesting signboards and postcards. The street is somewhat touristy and offers small items to passer-by. One shop was selling a mix of items like tea leaves drainer, paper weight...etc at rather cheap prices, and a tourist asked about the origins of the goods. The owner replied that he got it from those shops which gone bankrupt. Hmm, the impact of financial crisis.

Oh, nearby Portebello Street is a house where George Orwell used to stay! He wrote Animal Farm, among other great works.

Of course, when one is in London, one should visit the famous mouth watering roast duck place, and I will write about it in a coming post.

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