Monday, March 23, 2009

Loving Hut @ Parklane: good vegan food

Today I had my dinner at Loving Hut, located at Parklane. The place serves good vegan food at quite reasonable prices. They had laksa, noodles, 'rainbow' friend rice... etc. The general deco is alright with two big LCD playing videos about vegan food, but there is lack of seats and I think at meal times it will be crowded.

A bowl of laksa costs $4.80, and the serving is pretty decent, with yummy gravy and ingredients that don't make the meal feel like it's a vegan meal at all. They added in mint leaves for the gravy, which gives it a unqiue flavour. Here's a picture of the laksa. For those interested in having healthy (yes, just skip the laksa and take other dishes), do give Loving Hut a try.

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