Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Teo Guan fish porridge @ Haig Road market

There are many good food to be found in markets and hawker centres. In these economic trying times, good value for money meals are especially welcome.

One such stall is Teo Guan fish porridge located at the Haig Road market. It seems they have won some awards in teh past (the two certificates shown in the picture).

The fish slices they served are fresh and succulent, while the soup is tasty without MSG (or I didn't detect any). They also added in sea weed, and a bit of 'bian yu' (flatfish) in the soup to give the soup more flavour.

I ordered both the porridge as well as the noodles, and both are equally satisfying. Prices are about $3plus, typical hawker centre prices. If you are dropping by the area, give Teo Guan fish porridge a try!

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