Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Parking fines @ Kallang Leisure Park

Sometimes I think the parking fines at certain locations are ridiculous. Yes I know it is the fault of the driver not to put his coupon. Honestly, getting car park fines at a car park where there are plenty of empty lots just doesn't make sense.

I was at Kallang Leisure Park during the weekend. I reached the open air car park at about 905pm. I was pretty hungry and thus forgotten about tearing parking coupons. So I lugged my stuff to a coffee place, sat down and ordered food. At 915pm I remembered about the coupons, and so after grabbing a few more bites of my bagel, I left to go back to the car.

I reached my car at 925pm. The parking fine was there! The fine stated a timing of 920pm. Sigh, the fellow giving my fine must have been lurking around the area.

I am pissed. I walk around, and noticed other cars with fines and a timing of 625pm.

So the car park attendants must have been damn diligent in checking a car park with plenty of empty lots.

This is the stupid result of focusing official resources at what makes money, and not what makes sense.

There are a high number of reckless drivers on the road nowadays, and I've seen many cars that dashed past red lights. Any remedies for these? Nope. Instead, there are a lot of parking attendants at the many car parks. The money to be earned from fines is more than the worth of lives I guess.

Anyway, does anyone know why there are 24 hours car parks, i.e. car parks which require coupons even past 10pm? I don't understand the rationale, especially when the driver needs to tear a $2 coupon just because he is parking there beyond 10pm. So if I parked at such a place from 930pm till 1030pm, it will costs me $2.50 ($2 plus $0.50).

Weird policies, and I am still pissed.

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