Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Umbrella Box @ NUS - another umbrella vending machine

When I was at NUS, I saw yet another umbrella vending machine. The umbrella vending machine at NUS is by Umbrella Box. Previously when I posted about the Uport umbrella vending machine located at Marina Square, I thought that was pretty innovative without realising that there are so many such 'Umbrella' machines around.

The umbrella from Umbrella Box is cheaper, at $6 each (instead of Uport's $8). Uport's machines have screens with videos, and located at commercial spaces, so I guess the price is more expensive.

Nowadays we have so many different types of vending machines, lolz, and it was the same day I just realised there are also vending machines for hot 'can' drinks (Pokka)!

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