Sunday, November 02, 2008

Movie - Sing to the Dawn

We watched Sing to the Dawn over the weekend, hoping to support some local production, and I'm somewhat disappointed actually. While I understand that the graphics will not be as great as some other animations, I didn't expect the script to be that chessy.

I don't think they follow that much of the original story from Ho Mingfong, other than the basic plot of a girl in a village who wanted to get the scholarship to go to the city for study. Some lines inside don't exactly gel well with the developments, e.g. "Dear, I want a new pair of shoes." coming from demanding female bats while the main characters are trying to flee from a fire scene, seems quite ridiculous.

Overall impression that I had was that the makers of the movie were trying out different styles of animation (dancing monkeys, spinning 'modern casino', and some weird monkey god thingy), and made use of the opportunity to screen them in movie.

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