Sunday, October 26, 2008

Busy Weeks

Past 2 weeks were busy weeks, and thus I didn't have much time / energy to write interesting food / movie / social issues. Hopefully coming weeks are not as busy and I can have more time and energy to do non-work stuff.


Past 2 weeks were also somewhat unlucky weeks. My graphics card just blew. So one of the nights I have to scout around Sim Lim for a card. Only found 1 shop that was still open for business, and I bought this HD 3850 card. Had to spent some time taking out old card, putting it in, and installing the drivers, with associated activities like testing of programs...etc etc...zzz.

Interestingly, while I didn't post much on both this personal blog and the other games blog, the game blog's drop of visitorship is not as stark. I guess my games blog has more 'long tail' content. lolz.

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