Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy Pot @ Esplanade's Glutton Bay

It's back to food time again! We were at the Esplanade hunting for food when we decided to try the Happy Pot. BBQ and claypot food during a rainy and cool evening should be nice.

The price is alright, with $13 for a BBQ and claypot set. The owner will pass you a plate and you can heap as much vegetables as you want onto the plate (including noodles). The $13 set also comes with two more plates of meat (1 marinated for BBQ, and 1 'plain' for the claypot), and a bowl of rice. I chose tom yam based soup for the claypot.

Here's the spread of food we had. While there is also a buffet option, we thought we would order other food if we are not filled enough. Frankly the $13 set can feed two persons quite well.

Grilling the food over charcoal takes a while, especially the pork ribs. The food had to be turned often to avoid them sticking to the grill. Overall the taste of the food is good, and quite value for money. They had marinated the BBQ plate nicely, and the tom yam soup tasted quite good. I would recommend to go there during cool evening since the charcoal flame could be quite warm on other days.

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