Monday, October 13, 2008

"Rub it from Scratch" @ Changi Airport T3

The Changi Airport Terminal 3 has become a place for family visits over the weekend. When we were there over the weekend, we saw plenty of locals bringing their family for a stroll. It feels more like a shopping mall with facilities for the kids, which is somewhat different from the 'feel' of Terminal 1 and 2. I think this brings in a lot of business for the shops there, and provide a mini 'Singapore' glimpse for those tourists who just arrived.

One facility that struck me was the 'Rub it from Scratch' corner at T3 basement 2. This reminded me of of similar activity when I was much younger *ahem*. Basically for wood blocks scratch, we would rub crayon or colour pencil over white paper placed over 'embossed wood blocks' to create pictures underneath. It is quite nice to see kids engaging in this activity at T3.

It seems this is a specially designed featured for T3, and there is some descriptions on the paper that commented that wood block scratching was a popular activity in the 1950s and 1960s. The artist who created these wood blocks should be 'Justin Lee' according to the description.

Those who are participating in the wood scratching, would take a blank piece of paper (provided in large quantities at T3) and placed it over these blocks. Crayons are also provided. Very thoughtful of the organisers. There were about 8 different designs that featured different aspects of Singapore.

Just for the sake of fun, I played along with the kids (and attracted some funny looks from those kids) and here's my 'creation'. Terminal 3 has become a more interesting palce to go. Lolz.

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