Saturday, September 06, 2008

Uport - Singapore's Umbrella Dispensing Kiosk

I was hunting for a dinner place at Marina when I came across this interesting looking red box. The box is situated at the 1st floor, at the pathway leading to the Citylink. It doesn't look like a drinks vending machine, so when I walked closer for a look, I realised it is an umbrella dispensing kiosk! Wow I didn't know there are umbrella dispensing kiosks in Singapore. There is also a screen where adverts are shown.

Each umbrella costs $8 each, and such services will be useful, especially when it is raining so frequently recently. There is a website address on the box, and after doing a search, here's the website: Uport. They have about 10 such kiosks sited around the island, including places like Orchard Emerald, Bugis Village. Chinatown Point & Plaza Singapura.

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