Monday, September 08, 2008

Fancy designs for mooncakes from the various hotels

It's the time for the Mid-Autumn Festival and of course it's also time for mooncakes. Nowadays we have a lot of different fanciful mooncakes that come in very nice packaging. I've took photos of these mooncakes (and packaging) from the various hotels (Raffles, Sheraton, 4 Seasons). Incidentally, their brochures and advertisements for mooncakes are also equally fanciful, which added much cost to the price tags of the mooncakes, no doubt.

Here's a picture of the brochure about Tung Lok, and also Ritz Carlton's mooncakes. There is a picture of the Tung Lok mooncake below, the version with double egg yolks.

Here's the mooncake from Raffles' Hotel. Personally I like the mini-snowskin version with champagne truffles. Expensive, but worth it! Each piece costs about $6, and there are even more expensive versions around. Here's Raffles Hotel's online brochure about the mooncakes.

We also have the Sheraton Towers Hotel's Li Bai mooncake. Very exquisite packaging, and the lotus paste is very smooth. The box comes with mini-picks that allow for easier handling / tasting of the mooncakes.

We also have the mooncakes from the Four Seasons. Another not so cheap option for those buying mooncakes. I do think that there are other cheaper or budget options around, but this post is getting too long and I'll split it to the next post.

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