Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Mooncakes - Taka exhibition, and budget options

In my previous post I uploaded a few pictures of the various mooncakes offered by the different hotels. These mooncakes are typically costly to some extent, and it is common for businesses to offer these mooncakes to their clients and associates. Normal households would also give these mooncakes to friends and relatives, much like the giving of ang baos during Chinese New Year, or gifts exchange during Christmas. Eating of mooncakes actually has a long history in the Chinese tradition involving revolution.

Events for mooncakes tasting are also held around this time of the year. Here's a photo of the recent event at Takashimaya, which will last till 14 September.

Many mooncakes will be available for tasting and purchase, and so we have a huge crowd attending these events. I'm not so sure about the discounts (if any) though.

Considering the nature of the event, I thought it will be burning a hole in people's wallets if multiple boxes of mooncakes are bought for various parties, e.g. family, relatives, business associates...etc etc. It is also common to hear comments from people that they have too many mooncakes at home, which would be thrown away if they cannot consume it. This is a waste from both money and food angles.

There are much cheaper options around, for example Hans. The packaging looks decent enough for gifts as well, isn't it?

For those who intend to buy mooncakes just for the fun of the occasion, we could get them easily and cheaply from the supermarket. I know, a bit cheapskate to serve these as gifts, but they are fine for own consumption (more for the fun pf the mid-autumn festival).

Adding to the festival mood, one could also buy these little 'piggies' which would be more fascinating for kids. These are made from the same materials as mooncakes, but typically in the shape of pigs or other animals. So all in all, there are cheaper alternatives, maybe not as ideal as gifts, but for normal tasting and own consumption should be fine.

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