Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Singapore's New Speakers' Corner's 1st Speech

I was at the 1st 'new' Speakers' Corner for the 1st speech! The speech was about maid abuse awareness, i.e. prevent maid abuse movement in Singapore. They also have a website. There was a Straits Times article and a Channel NewsAsia article about this event.

Actually I didn't plan to go for this 'speech', but we were on our way to Chinatown for the mid-autumn lights up when I realised that a large group of people was gathering around the area. Then I saw the MediaCorp vehicles and spotted the reporters, with their gears ready for video shoot.

Being so typical Singaporean, I decided to take a look at the event. Not much actually, since the event is more for maid abuse awareness and not any political issues. Maid abuse is a big thing, with so many cases over the past years, and thus interested parties should go to their website to take a look. They actually have someone bandaged up and sitting there to emphasize the point about maid abuse.

There weren't a lot of people actually, and one of the organisers passed me a flyer. I think the crowd is mostly those passing thru the place to the MRT. I didn't walk too close to the event since there were so many other folks taking photos and video. So I guess that's about it for the 1st speech of the freer Speakers' Corner.

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