Monday, September 01, 2008

WALL-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter - Earth class) - Great Movie!

Walle.E is a great movie to watch! The animations was done relatively realistically, and much emphasis was placed on the 'voices' & sounds of the machines. This makes the movie comes to life. While it is an animations, the designers have skillfully craft the 'facial' animations of the robots such that all human expressions are projected through simple movements of the robots. I like the way Wall.E's binoculars-like eyes move to depict his various emotions. The parts when he 'replaced' his faulty eye and tracks are also quite funny. Of course, it really helps that Wall.E is also such a cute, innocent, and brave robot. Eve, the female robot lead, also has very expressive 'facial' expressions through movements in her 'visual' head display.

Story plot wise it is a simple movie. Afterall, it's a Walt Disney 'cute' production with a happy ending. Let's not spoil the pleasure for readers who are going to see the movie, and so I'll not go into the details of the plot. Instead let me highlight a few simple 'facts' of the movie.

Wall.E stands for Waste Allocation Load Lifter - Earth class
Eve stands for Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator
There are also gigantic 'Wall.e' in the mother spaceship (Axiom) known as Wall.A, i.e. Waste Allocation Load Lifter - Axiom class. There are many other cute robots, including the little guy who insisted in cleaning up Walle.E's 'foreign contaminant'

Before the movie begins, there is a short clip (very amusing) of 'Presto' which is also produced by Pixar. 'Presto' is about a magician and his pet rabbit. After the movie ends, there is no 'special' clips. Instead, at the showing of the credits, there are some animations by the two sides of the scrolling screen.

The local distributors for this movie have put in a lot of efforts to promote the movie, including many of these life size Wall.E as well as postcards. I quite like the idea of a bench with Wall.E at one side, looking at Eve hovering at the other end, and so I took a pic of myself in it. Lolz.

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