Friday, August 29, 2008

Deli Moroccan @ Bussorah / Arab Street

Singapore has a great variety of food, including those from our foreign friends who decided to set up shops here. There is this nice Moroccan foodstall located near Arab Street / Beach Road that has garnered quite a number of reviews. Early this year, I was introduced to their mint tea and chicken kebab, and I've been there a couple of times since then.

The actual location of the food place is at 30 Bussorah Street, very near the Masjid Sultan Mosque. The place is actually more well known for its tajine dishes. We ordered the tajine chicken with potatoes. The succulent chicken is well seasoned, and the sauce of the dish is very flavourful. We used the stew sauce as dip for the pitta bread. The size of the dish can be deceiving (i.e. appears small), because the actual amount of food is quite substantial.

Other than tajine chicken, we also ordered a chickpea and chicken stew type of dish (I forgot the name). This dish tastes normal, i.e. nothing that particularly special. I guess I would rather order their kebab instead (sorry no picture of kebab). However, the dish is quite filling, so for those who are hungry, it can be quite satisfying. I heard they offer cous cous as well, but I have yet to try it.

Their pitta bread is well... pitta bread. Lolz. Nonetheless, it is not that easy to find pitta bread in an affordable food places, and since I like bread in general, their pitta bread taste good! Dip it with the tajine sauces would be a good combination.

Another attractive offering by the place is their mint tea. Against the somewhat peaceful and cool atmosphere, sipping a pot of hot mint tea is an unique experience. The open-air dinning with a backdrop of mosque gives one a feeling that the dinning is not done in Singapore, i.e. an almost touristy feel to the whole dinning experience. I think I'll go back quite often. :)

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