Sunday, July 20, 2008

Goodwood Park Durian Puff, Cake & Durain Oreo Cake!

My sister brought back durian puffs and cakes. That is a spectacular event in itself because she hates durians. Anyways the durian puff and cakes are great. The puffs and cakes are from Goodwood Park Hotel, and yes that is a famous place for durian pastry in Singapore. I read that the durian oreo cake she brought back is actually a new 'creation' by Goodwood Park. Here's the link to their flyer (pdf).

Now I understand why the cakes and puffs are so famous; each bite fills your mouth with yummy durian. I don't know how they do it, but the durian consistency is good, meaning each puff / bite of cake has the same wonderful taste of durian. The durian is not too sweet, and lack that 'bitterness' that some folks actually crave in durians. It's ok, since these are pastry afterall.

Actually between the cakes and the puffs, I like the cakes better. The puffs taste a bit dry somehow, perhaps it is because I kept them in the fridge for a tad too long. Heh, pardon the semi-eaten picture below of the durian cake and durian oreo cake. The mix of cake and durian is somehow just nice, something which I didn't expect. These two are really worth a try, though I would recommend the cake more than the oreo version. Perhaps the durian taste overpowered the oreo taste, and couldn't bring out the combination to its best flavour. The durian cake is actually 'durian, pandan and coconut' cake. I guess the coconut and pandan complement the durian taste better.

For those interested, the 6 pieces of puff costs $10.80, Durian Oreo costs $8 per slice, and the Durian Pandan Coconut costs $7.50 per slice.

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