Saturday, July 19, 2008

Thien Kee Hainanese Steamboat @ Golden Mile

Today we went to Thien Kee Hainanese Steamboat at Golden Mile Complex. The food was great, and particularly so for a rainy evening. The outlet has expanded over the years, and now occupied multiple shopfronts. The building looks a bit run-down, but helps to add to the authentic dinning experience.

The steamboat is traditional hainanese style, with food all piled together and served on a single plate. The choice of broth is just chicken broth, i.e. no choice. Nonetheless the broth is good! The broth gets a bit salty after we cooked all the food though. We chose the medium sized 'platter'. Initially thinking that the food is insufficient, we realised later that there is actually a lot of food, i.e. the raw food is really all 'lumped' on the plate. The variety includes vegetables, egg, sotong, prawns (3 each), pork, pig liver, fish balls, fish, sea cucumber, 'fish maw' (suspect it is not fish maw, but taste like one), and most importantly, cockles! You could have beef if you want to. The rice they served is chicken rice. Seasoning comprise of chilli, ginger and garlic mix, and dark soy sauces.

Overall the experience is good. The price is also cheap, with $28 for 2 pax, comprising of $26 for the medium size platter, and $2 for the wet napkins and rice. The small platter costs only $22, good if you are not that hungry. For those going with a bigger group, you could add 'steamed' white chicken or deep fried seafood.

Would most likely go back one day, especially when the weather is cool. :)

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