Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What happens when your car runs out of fuel? - Step by Step Tutorial

What happens when you car runs out of fuel, as in completely stop? Lolz. That happened to a close buddy of mine on Sat. Guess after the blinking lights / warning signals on the car panel, the car can still run for a good many kilometres (easily 50km, depending on the emergency fuel tank). If one doesn't topped up the fuel by then, the car simply stall.

Then, here's a step by step guide on what to do next.

1st step: DUN PANIC!!!

2nd step: Go to the nearest petrol station, by taxi (or in this case, in my car, hee hee which gave me a chance to poke fun at the unfortunate buddy).

3rd Step: Tell the cashier that you need a container of petrol. Don't worry, apparently this happens enough time that the cashier wouldn't be surprised by the request.

4th Step: Get the shiny empty container, and fill in the particular and reason for wanting a container of petrol. Acceptable reason include 'My tank is empty', lolz. Perhaps the form filling is for safety and security reasons. I saw the form has quite a number of names, so this emergency need for container of petrol REALLY happens frequently! Lolz.

5th Step: Go to the actual petrol booth and ask for petrol. Don't be shy, they seen it all before.

6th Step: Go back in to pay for the petrol and the container. The container costs $3, and can fill up to 4.5 litres of petrol. The cashier may even give you this as a free gift, to help you pour in the petrol later. Lolz... yah, this proves the point that it happens frequently enough.

7th Step: Go back to the car, and fill in the petrol. Now, keep a screw driver or some long object handy, cos' you need to 'push' the catch to the petrol tank in order to fill in the petrol. Wipe off any petrol that drips onto the paintworks.

8th Step: With 4.5 litres or so of petrol, the car could go another 20 kilometres (at least!), so it's time to go back to the nearest station to pump the tank fully.

Heh heh simple tutorial right? The lesson though, is not to let it happen! So, pump up the petrol before the blinking light / warning signals come up!

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