Monday, July 14, 2008

The New Oasis @ Toa Payoh

After Oasis, the famous porridge place has shifted to Toa Payoh, we have yet to have a chance to try out the new place. So on Saturday night, after the movie, a group of us went to give it a try. The location is not as ideal in terms of parking, but the park surroundings give the new Oasis a different look that is equally attractive as the old Kallang Oasis. For those who are driving there, you could park at the Toa Payoh swimming complex, and walk a short 5 mins distance over.

The food quality is the same as before, and I suspect the menu is exactly the same. The interior is equally nice, but is of smaller seating capacity. The 'walls' are mostly full length glass panels, and that gives a 'garden' view dinnign experience. Compared to the previous location, the distance between tables is smaller, thus you could hear conversations from other tables. Oh, there are seats outside for the alfresco dinning experience. Lolz, alfresco for Taiwan porridge?

Correction: In my previous entry I mentioned that the new place is open 24 hours, but apparently they decided to have a break from 3pm to 530pm. Not an issue for most dinners I think.

Overall it's still worth it to have porridge there. Price is cheap, since we spent about $81+ for 9, or $9 for a night porridge session with fried chicken pieces, sweet & sour fish, egg omelet, salted egg & fish, normal vegetables, pig intestines with salted vegetables, ...etc (no special food, just normal porridge fare).

Here's the pictures of the 'before' and 'after' of our satisfying supper.

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