Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hellboy 2: The Golden Army

It was a (another) hectic week, so was quite glad to go for the movie on Sat night to relax a bit. This time round the group watched the Hellboy 2: The golden Army.

It is a good show! The story plot is somewhat predictable, i.e. bad guy come out, seized some power, threaten the world..etc. Good guy (i.e. Hellboy) jumps in, embroiled in some level of personal conflict, teamed up with the rest of good guys, and beat the bad guy. Show ends. Lolz. Here's the plot on wiki for those interested.

The good part about the show is the computer graphics, plus the sense of humor in the little things. For example, the way the dead and later animated tooth fairy complained about Hellboy being uncouth is quite funny. The part where Mr Wink and Hellboy both complained to each other (one about the broken tooth and the other about his broken fist) is again quite humorous.

There is also some level of save the Earth element inside, when the Prince described how human has destroyed the truce by killing off the trees to make way for carparks...etc, and how Hellboy felt undecided about killing the gigantic forest spirit. The romance part between Abe and the princess is a bit far fetched though, but the way Abe reacted is interesting. Abe and Hellboy drinking beer together while singing off-key love songs bring a human aspect to the otherwise inhuman characters ... lolz.

Overall worth watching.

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