Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bugis Taiwan Food Street / Fair

There is a Taiwan Food Street / Fair @ Bugis Junction this week, lasting from 21 July to 27 July. I was walking past Bugis Junction this evening when I noticed the huge crowd, and of course the distinctive smelly tofu 'fragrance' in the air.

So I decided to pop by for a quick look. The smelly tofu is located outside of the air-con area, right opposite the Bugis Junction MacDonald. Make sense, no one would step into the air-con street from now on. The queue for the tofu is long. I don't understand the attraction of it, but well, some people also don't understand my durian cravings. The tofu sells for $2.50 per pack.

The place is full of food stalls, some with very long queues. There is this stall selling 'mala tofu' that attracted a long queue. Due to time constraint I didn't queue up for it. There is also a smoked duck crepe which looks a lot like Peking duck to me. Yummy right? 1 Box at $6 for the duck is not that cheap but it's ok lah.

There is a also a long queue for the Taiwan big fried chicken chop! They are selling a much bigger piece than what we usually get at the foodcourt, or the small 'Taiwan stall' that we commonly see in shopping centres.

I only have enough time to get two items and so I got the Yam Abacus (Suan Pan Zi?) and a fried durian roll. The Yam Abacus is good, and only cost $3.50 per pack. The fried durian is normal, and with a price tag of $2 per roll, I rather walk over to the Bugis village and get a real durian, possibly at $5 per durian with plenty of durian flesh inside.

For those who just want to shop, there are also stalls selling Taiwan deco stuff, like these flour figurines, and even a stall selling orchid flowers (errr... orchids not from Taiwan right?)! Flour figurines of Mickey Mouse or Lao Fu Zi seem strange somehow. I think I'll go visit the place again on Thursday for more food, hee.

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