Tuesday, July 29, 2008

7th Storey & the DHL Balloon

The DHL Balloon.... and the 'New' 7th Storey Hotel around the Beach Road area will be gone soon to make way for the new Downtown MRT line. Somewhat sad to see them go. It is always a fun thing to watch the balloon float up into the air tethered by a metal cable, and my friends and I have had fun chatting about what would happen if the cable snaps. Would the folks be blown away into the sea? Lolz.

The 7th Storey Hotel is a place where people go for the charcoal steamboat, and I don't know where else could we find such charcoal steamboat in Singapore anymore. I'm actually somewhat sick of the buffet style 'ma la' steamboat with msg soup, and would prefer such charcoal style traditional steamboat. There is fun in having steamboat in a somewhat open grass field. Despite the many protests about why we cannot dig underneath the hotel, I actually agree with the decision to demolish the building, because buildings on marine clay are typically unstable and I don't think this building could withstand the digging nearby if it is on marine clay. Pity, but I guess no choice, unless they shift the MRT lines.

Oh well... nothing stays permanent in a place like Singapore. So I took a few pictures of these 'landmarks' before they disappear.

Afternote: 7th Storey has shifted to the Marina Barrage, and also opened a branch at the new shopping complex @ Selegie area. Here's a pic.

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