Friday, August 01, 2008

花开堪折直须折 莫待无花空折枝

There is this Tang Dynasty poem which is quite popularly used by people to advise others to treasure and make full use of opportunity / time. I think the message is still applicable despite many hundreds of years have passed. Loosely translated, it means "Advising the youth not to hanker after beautiful clothes, i.e. waste time in entertainments, but to treasure the time given. Pluck the branches of flowers while they are blooming, or risk wasting the effort of plucking a flowerless branch." Well... my translation is not great, but I guess the meaning is more or less there. :)

The poem in Chinese is shown below. So yah ... must treasure all opportunities and make full use of time!

(唐)金缕衣 - 杜秋娘



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