Sunday, August 03, 2008

Singapore River Taxi Cruise & Bridges

Due to some corporate events, I've had a chance to experience the Singapore River Cruise! The River Taxi ride is a great experience, especially for us locals who never exactly bother to use such 'touristy' facility. There are plenty of bridges (which I didn't exactly realise before) and the view from the river taxi ride is picturesque.

I started the ride from the Merlion Park, next to Fullerton One. The view of the merlion from the river taxi made me understand why the tourists like the place so much. You could also see the Singapore Flyer, the Marina area, and the colourful platforms used for our National Parade while on the cruise.

The ride was accompanied by re-recorded explanations of the different buildings and a brief history of the quay. The ride is actually quite cheap, ranging from $3 to $6, cheaper than the land taxi :p

There are a lot of bridges in Singapore, and you get to see many of them along the rivers. Seems like there are 11 bridges to explore along the river taxi cruise, but I've only captured some of them. Actually some of us have often seen the map of the Singapore river and its bridges, but we may not have realised it. We see the map at the Clarke Quay MRT, because the map forms the floor pattern at the MRT platform! Heh I took a picture of the floor pattern as proof. So next time while you are at the platform waiting for the MRT, you could 'trace' the Singapore river and see the names of the bridges!

Ok, here's the pictures of the Andersonbridge & Cavenaugh Bridge (below):

Coleman Bridge & Elgin Bridge (below):

Here's the Read Bridge, and a link to its history:

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