Thursday, August 07, 2008

Ministry of Food (MOF) @ Marina

We were at the Ministry of Food (MOF) @ Marina for dinner, and the food is good! We ordered the Seafood Toji set ($19.80) which comes with rice and soup, as well as very delicious fried chicken. The sauce is egg based, not too salty, and goes well with the rice. I think the chicken has traces of ginger and other spices in it. I didn't use the dip for the fried chicken, but squash a bit of lemon juice on it.

We also ordered Tempura Udon ($11.80) which is normal bah for a good quality jap restaurant. The highlight of the dinner was the Macha Imo, which cost only $3.30 since we had ordered a dinner set. This is a must try! Picture of it is below, right after the udon photo. The hot fried sweet potato (according to MOF) is naturally sweet, and it is really sweet! Lolz. Mixed with the creamy soft serve, and red beans, the contrast of taste (and perhaps due to the different temperature) is just... great!

Overall dinning experience is good, and with a combination of MOF card plus credit card, we had two discounts of total 15%. The cost of dinner after discount is $38.58, and they throw in a free complimentary coffee (for the set meal). Nice saucer plate.

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