Tuesday, December 02, 2008

DHL Balloon is gone

I was meeting friends for dinner last week when one of them was late. He could not find the dinner location because he was using the 'DHL Balloon' as a landmark guide, and since the DHL Balloon is no longer there, that added to his location searching time.

It is somewhat sad to see a landmark icon gone. I took these photos while the balloon was in the process of relocating out of Singapore.

In an earlier blog post I commented that the 7th Storey hotel and charcoal steamboat would be gone too due to the building of new MRT lines. Well, the restaurant is 'shifting' to the Marina Barrage and those who missed the charcoal steamboat could head to the Barrage when the charcoal steamboat is ready. I think they are still renovating the shop space.

But... the balloon wouldn't be back in any way I guess. Here's a photo of the 'empty' spot, where the balloon used to sit. Maybe one day they would bring it back? Hee.

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